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We would like to offer cooperation regarding the following duties:

  • Construction works
  • Finishing works
  • Welding
  • Locksmithing
  • Installation and dismantling of steel structures
  • Sanitary and hydraulic works
  • Electrical work
  • any other handicrafts.

We focus on reliability and expertise, what ensures a stable growth of our company. Since many years we employ proper workers who meet strictly set requirements.

We guarantee safety and mutual satisfaction from the jointly completed project. We provide our customers with possibility to develop each handicraft pillar, thus allowing faster company growth and a broader spectrum of possibilities in planning their future activities.

We can offer very attractive terms of cooperation and individual and flexible approach to each customer. This will enable them to focus on their own resources on targets with higher priority, considerably speed up their completion and bring financial benefits. In cooperation with us each contractor will find a team of experts which is tailored to its needs.

We know well that the company’s success depends on having a good team at each level of project execution.

We take the responsibility for selecting a proper team of individuals who ensure a professional and careful performance of entrusted tasks. We perfectly understand the types of business of our clients. That is why, we provide services which are tailored to expectation of even the most demanding companies.

We have already won the trust of over 50 companies both in Poland and in Western Europe, which each day appreciate our professional attitude, crispness and continuity in providing them with complex solutions to their needs.

We place special emphasis on the quality and accuracy of our services. We work with experienced and motivated people, thus offering stability and safety. We also keep to the minimum the time, costs and risks resulting from search for proper craftsmen. We are mostly characterised by flexibility and quick response to unexpected changes, which contributes to the constant growth of our partner base.

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